Grass Valley Kayenne Switcher

Grass Valley Kayenne Switcher

Tops on the MUST SEE Grass Valley new products list is the Kayenne production switcher. You can get a good first-look by picking up a copy of the April issue of Broadcast Engineering magazine from the bins or from our booth SL7609. Real eye-candy photography.

The Kayenne comes in 1.5 to 4.5 ME sizes with six keyers per M/E bank. The switcher provides 20 channels of DVE. That ought to be sufficient for any sports graphic TD.

Anyway, on to the Kayenne’s features. The operating surface is filled with new features. The key lighting is fully user controlled. If one operator wants all the cameras to show up with green buttons, presto, it can be so. If another TD wants the graphics input to be colored red for sports production and green for news, no problem. All the lighting is fully user adjustable.

The labels above button rows are all OLED, which produce crisp and bright user-assignable displays.

Each module in the panel is hot-swappable. Not that you’d ever need to, but an entire T-bar, ME bank or other module can be removed and replace all while the switcher is on-the air.

All this functionality comes in an 8RU assembly, drawing only 1KW of power. Look out trucks, here it comes.


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